At Vodafone, we embrace and welcome everyone.

We’re proud to offer equal opportunities regardless of race, nationality, cultural background, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religious or political belief.  We can only leverage this diversity by building an inclusive culture where everyone is respected, can be themselves and strive to be their best. That way we can build a better future for our employees, our partners, the communities we work in and our customers.

ReConnect stories

Read stories from some of our Vodafone women who have already benefited from the recently launched ReConnect programme to bring talented women in 26 countries back into the workplace after a career break.

My work colleagues have been very supportive. I have found going back to work extremely rewarding. It’s been quite a challenge at times, but I’ve really enjoyed it.

Sophie Rice

Sophie Rice, Country Support and Adoption Lead, Vodafone Group Corporate Functions

After taking nearly four years away from the finance profession to raise her family, Sophie Rice joined Vodafone as a Country Support and Adoption Lead within the Vodafone Integrated Planning Team.

Sophie said: “When I saw the role at Vodafone and their ReConnect programme, I took the opportunity, for us as a family, to switch roles. My husband has taken a step back and now looks after our daughter. It has been a lovely opportunity for us. On my first day, I was quite nervous and unsure about how it was going to pan out, but we had a nice beginning where my husband took a picture of our daughter and me. That is a really proud moment for me.” Prior to Vodafone, Sophie had seven years finance experience.


I was lucky to approach Vodafone at a time when the ReConnect programme was established, and the support I have been given by Vodafone has been amazing.

Karin Meurk-Harvey

Karin Meurk-Harvey, Head of IoT Commercial, Vodafone Group Enterprise

Prior to her return to work, Karin had more than 23 years of corporate experience in the telecoms sector. She said: “On my first day [at Vodafone], I had a senior HR business partner meet me in the lobby - and they were with me the whole day. That felt like coming home.”

She added: “My personal circumstances changed. I became a single mother, and at the time I had a job where I travelled a lot. I was responsible for a region and I realised things needed to change because I had relatively small children at home. So, I decided to leave the corporate world and start my own consultancy business, where I had more flexible working hours and didn’t have to travel. After a time, my personal life stabilised. My children were a little bit older and I felt ready to go back to work, to work for a big enterprise again."

The ReConnect programme was introduced by a colleague…. The transition to work was made very smooth and I didn’t feel like I had taken time off.

Rabiya Rizwan

Rabiya Rizwan, Quality Assurance Lead, Vodafone Group Technology 

Rabiya Rizwan works in Vodafone Group Technology as a Quality Assurance Lead. She has more than eight years’ experience and took a career break for seven years to look after her family, two children and her husband. She worked for Vodafone on a six-month contract – but couldn’t continue because of her family’s circumstances.